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    UQ Comparrison - Straight Cuts vs Tapers / Pleats

    I'm getting ready to make my first underquilt (climashield) and have read as much as I can find in the forums. I'm a novice thread injector. I've made a few compressions sacks and a top quilt so far. I am currently trying to decide between making an KAQ (guide)or a simple rectangular uq modeled after this thread. Based on my skills and the estimated time from each quide, a rectangular quilt looks like it will take less then half the time to make.

    What are the advantages of going with the KAQ pattern and do they outweigh the extra time and skill required? Do the straight rectangular quilts perform significantly worse then a KAQ style uq?


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    Your post got me exploring. I found the tutorial for the KAQ but cant find the actual pattern. It show's it in the tutorial but I can't read the resolution as it is embedded.
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    From what I understand the flat quilts can be somewhat more bothersome to get adjusted properly to hold temp. Right b/c the warmth is mostly determined by how well the quilt fits your hammock, and not letting it droop and create a wind tunnel underneath you. That said MY first DIY UQ will probably be a flat quilt just to get the experience, and shock cord will help with adjustment and fit to cover mistakes.
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    The way I came at it for my UQ projects is that while a shaped UQ is probably more efficient, less "wasted" space and weight, at least as far as insulation that isn't needed, Its going to be much more delicate in as far as your tolerances are going to be much tighter. I made a heap of mistakes with my first one, some of which I'll fix on the next, some I won't be able to. I have no space large enough to lay out the whole project and have to move everything from the house to the garage between cutting and stitching. So for me, the square design gave me a fair amount of forgiveness in that area.
    As to adjust-ability and all that, its a work in progress, so for now I'll just see how it goes, and then adapt as needed. anything will be better than what I had.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think I'm going to stick with a rectangular quilt.

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    I also did 2 rectangular quilts they seem pretty good but as stated takes a little fiddling to adjust them right.

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