I finally completed version 2 of a bug bivy. This thing is huge, but that is what I wanted. It is 10'4" long. The side pieces are 36" high and the bottom piece is 30" wide after seams. It has a #5 zipper along the bottom edge. I have 2 zipper pulls on it. This way I can close the opening at any point along the edge. It is also a non-seperating zipper.

It is a little heavier than other options. It tips the scales at 12.6oz. I think I could have made it 3 or 4 oz lighter. I went with the #5 zipper since I am going to be using it a lot. I don't think the #3 is as durable. I could have also put the zipper along half the length. The full length though gives me the option of attaching the netting to the ridgeline with the zipper fully open. This way I can sleep without the netting without taking it off. I could have also saved 30% on the weight of the netting with nanoseeum. I think making one for 8oz with extra cost, smaller and shorter zipper, and less room would not be too difficult.

It is big enough that I can adjust the sag in my hammock without worrying about it. I can also sit in it like a lounger and be protected from the bugs.

When I am in the hammock and have am underquilt on it, there is about 8" underneath not used.

Needless to say, I really do not like bugs.