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    WTB 20 top quilt

    I'm looking for a top quilt to replace my synth bag with. I'd prefer something thats 20, but I'll consider anything between 25-0. I'd also prefer 800+ fill, but it doesn't strictly have to be 800+. That about somes it up.

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    I have a Momentum90 900FP 0 degree down quilt in reg size ($170), and a Enlightened Equipment RevX Long/Wide 20 degree 800fp down quilt ($150). One might a bit warm, the other a bit big, but worth offering.. PM me for details on either if interested.
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    (Outer Shell Color: ARGON 67 Titanium Gray, Inner shell Color: ARGON 67 Black, Length: Long 79" (+$15), Width: Standard width 50", Footbox Style: Snap closed , Overfill (oz): Standard Amount)

    1 $264.00 USD $264.00 USD
    Incubator 20
    (Outer shell color: ARGON 90 Burnt Orange, Length: Long 83 (+$16), Overfill (oz): Standard Amount)

    1 $265.00 USD $265.00 USD

    Weight 0f Incubator : 22.8, Burrow : 19.8

    I am going to sell the the TQ and UQ I just bought from I went on the Appalachian Trail for a few day trip with my ENO and decided it was just not for me. I know that I cannot return these to hammock gear. Nothing at all is wrong with these. I am 6’4” so I did purchase the long size. Both are 20 degrees. Not even two weeks old. Asking for 200 each, shipped.Money transactions through paypal. PM me.

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    I have a 20 degree Warbonnet Outdoors Mamba top quilt regular size for sale if you are interested. It has only been used one night and is in flawless condition! I am asking $200 or best offer. Comes with cuben fiber stuff sack and REI cotton storage sack. PM me if interested!

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    I have a 30 degree TQ with 2 ounces of overstuff (making it basically a 20 degree) in the for sale forum. If interested let me know.

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    I own a Jacks-R-Better Mount Washington 3 Convertible (WW3C), that I'd be willing to part with. The now discontinued MW3C is a 20F fractional under-quilt (UQ). It's a 2/3rds quilt with a supplemental attachment that converts it into a full sized UQ. It's a really cool idea and I'm surprised that they stopped making them. It allows for a lighter summer quilt and a 3 season quilt without the expense of 2 UQs. Even though it's a great idea, I mostly use it in full mode, because Northern Minnesota nights can still get cold even in the height of summer and that is why I'm willing to part with it.

    I've used it probably less than 100 nights and it's in good condition. It's always been stored dry and loose when not in my pack. I do have cats and a dog but I store the quilt where they cant get to them, I also live in a non smoking house.

    I'm asking $290 shipped (lower 48, all other locations can be negotiated). Understand that you can buy a new Mount Washing 3 for the same price plus shipping, but what I'm offering is a versatile and hard to find item that I'm very pleased with so therefore I'm asking a premium price for it. I'll throw in a proper cleaning for free. Feel free to PM me with questions and offers all.
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