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    Scenario: Your hammock is setup under the tarp, it's raining, and you just realized that you need your suspension higher up on the tree. You'd love to just slide the straps up the tree, but it's covered in branches.

    Solution: Dutch Clips

    Outcome: Substantially less cursing, which I believe is a form of Leave No Trace. So by definition, yes, DC's will reduce your environmental impact.
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    Sintax gives a great reason, as others have. I just ordered a set of clips, and i use whoopies; i've been just slipping the end of the webbing through the loop. The other advantage i see is just one of convenience. The loops on the end of my straps aren't large, and sometimes when i try to undo them, i knock the toggle out of the msh trying to thread the knot through the loop. Are they necessary? No, but they are fast and convenient.

    Besides, none of the folks that i hang with around here have anything like them, so my coolness factor is about to go waaayyy up! And after all, that's what's really important.

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