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    Lawson Hammock Review/Video (new)

    Here's a great, recent review of Lawson Hammock's Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. Contains a video which is helpful. It was done by a guy in the UK who apparently knows hammocks very well. He seems to love it. They really are awesome hammocks.

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    I have never in all my life had a worse over-all experience with a hammock. I'd do just about anything to persuade people to investigate other options. That being said, other people have clearly had different experiences than mine, so I don't comment to take away from the original post, only to offer a second opinion.
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    I love my Lawson. It did take some fine tuning to reach optimal comfort, but I sleep like a log and wake up feeling great. I'm not a full convert, mainly because of the weight/bulk factor. I generally camp with my dogs though, and the extra roominess of the Lawson has made a big difference. Both dogs (2x dachshunds, 15 & 20 pounds) can sleep comfortably and not directly on top of each other and my bladder.

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    I also have a Lawson and my son has one too. We have camped several times with it and are very comfortable. It is good for winter camping as I have put a sleeping pad in it to keep me warm. Did a 50 mile canoe trip 3 years ago in the winter. Temps got down to 28. I was warm as toast while others sleeping on the ground froze.

    I will attest that it is a great multi-purpose hammock. Only flaw in my eyes is the ability to chill in it during the day like the standard gathered end hammock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayview View Post
    Only flaw in my eyes is the ability to chill in it during the day like the standard gathered end hammock.
    Just a heads up that if you take the arch poles out, you can used it during the day as an open hammock. Just lay on top of the bug net or flip the hammock over.

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