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    Do You Stealth or the like? For the Undecided

    Now this is not to try and convert a dedicated ground dweller. For one thing, if forced to, I will go back to ground when ever needed. But this is for any body who camps away from designated campsites, and has to find camp sites in the middle of the woods. And for that same person who currently Ultra lights it EDIT: on the ground with maybe a tarp,pad and ground cloth. Or heck, even a tent. (EDIT: Oh, and who also has been considering trying hammocks but is not sure of what the possible advantages might be).

    I day hiked today to do a little more stove testing in the wet woods(it has rained all week until today), which went fine. But this would naturally call for taking a break. You can't quite tell very well in these pics, but I am on a pretty good slope. A ridge sloping to the right of these pics and to the valley in the background. There is very little ground any where that is not sloping. I am over a log and thick weeds and very damp ground. I probably could have hung a half dozen other hammocks with in 20 yards of me in this same inhospitable area. Just happened to be a fair number of usable trees.

    I am quite comfortable, and the ants ( and whatever else) are a couple of feet down below me. Where they belong.

    Yes, I probably could have found a place( with MUCH searching) without a root or log or reasonably dry and maybe even all of that plus on even ground. I probably could not have found a place without a lot of brush. And in the end, I would have to be laying down there on the ground in water moccasin/copperhead country, with all of the ants and such.

    But it could be done. I suppose. If you wanted to or needed to.

    Then again, I'm just sayin...... To each his own, AKA HYOH!
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