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    Noobien saying hello and having some rain questions

    Hello everyone, I have been checking out this forum for a while and I must say that this is a great site. I bought a black bird a few months ago and I have been sleeping in it on my property from time to time. Haven't had a chance to go into the backcountry for months because I have been buying my first home. (God I need to get out there!) So anyways here are my questions about rain: Do you need a waterproof membrane under a down underquilt for splashing? and Does the rain drip down the webbing straps and then run onto the hammock?I have a Superfly tarp so I could pitch it low to the ground with the end doors closed to keep wind driven rain at a minimum.I saw on speer hammocks site that he sells some rain drip things that clip onto the webbing but would bananas work just the same?Or do you not need anything and does the rain just hit the knot by the triangle buckles and drip down. Thanks in advance. Higher Ground

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    the rings/backup knot should cause it to drip.

    a big tarp will be enough to keep water from splashing up onto the quilt.

    just be sure to vent the doors some if it's not too windy, you only need them fully closed in a windstorm, if it's not that windy and you fully close them you'll probably get condensation.

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    Had my BB out this past weekend, which resulted in a pretty severe thunderstorm with some decent wind gusts, torrential rain and small hail. No problems, no worries. Had my MacCat Deluxe re-staked low when I relaiezed the storm was coming and I stayed snug, comfy and dry! No splash with the tarp staked low, with the majority of the tarp coverage towards the wind.

    WG is right, the rings and the webbing backup hitch keep the rain from ending up in the hammock.

    As much rain as we got during that storm, I'd be concerned of water coming in if I was in my Sierra Designs tent. In my BB/tarp worries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J hanger View Post
    I saw on speer hammocks site that he sells some rain drip things that clip onto the webbing but would bananas work just the same?
    Save the bananas for breakfast. Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Welcome to the greatest forum in the world. Your tarp is plenty big to protect you from the elements. If you did switch to a smaller tarp you might have some worries. Sounds to me like you've already made some very wise decisions, BB and superfly are the bombproof stuff that makes sleeping all night easy. Rain does run down, but once it hits the loop or buckle it will fall off. good luck with your new home
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    shug loves onions, you love bananas, we need to get a thread started on what food we love!!!! jk, good luck on the new home, it can be a headache, but worth it. i find the pitter patter of the rain quite memorizing into a deep comfy sleep, and like you will find no worries with a bb and a superfly!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayaknut01 View Post
    shug loves onions, you love bananas, we need to get a thread started on what food we love!!!!
    Put me down for funnel cake; I've got witnesses!

    I've been in some crazy nasty storms and I've never had my underquilts get wet to any real degree from below. The shell is, at a minimum, DWR coated and that does a great job of keeping the casual water off the quilt. You don't even have to take the tarp all the way to the ground because you're still not giving much vertical distance for the rain to fall from your tarp; at least, not enough to make a big splash. If feeling really paranoid, you can always hang your hammock a little higher off the ground and increase the distance from splash even more. I use a much (much!) smaller tarp during the spring and summer when the big storms come through here and still haven't had any problems. With a SuperFly, it never even enters my thoughts.
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    I only had splash problems when I hang close to the ground with a small tarp. I don't think the rain will splash 2 feet up. I try to hang higher in the rain now anyways. Helps with the splash and with water running on the ground. Plus it's cool.
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    The other thing that makes somewhat of a difference is the surface you are hanging over. Soft, absorbent moss gorund is going to splash differently than an exposed shale shelf. But in any event unless you are open end exposed to the rain you should be reasonably safe with a superfly. If you can't get sideways to the rain for one reason or another, close the windward end pointy wise and you'll be good to go
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    Thanks everone -bananas for all-

    Good advice. I meant to say bandannas but my spell check tricked me. I could just see myself hanging bananas like the chikita lady off of my webbing. Nice to meet you all.

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