This fun thought just entered my head after I watched one of Shugs videos.

What height do you prefer to hang at? (post stretch, lets call it sleeping height)

I suppose that it depends a lot on the style of hammock that you use, but I seem to use the same height on my HH as I did on my cheapo mesh hammock.

I setup my hammock so that the bottom is about the same height as my belly-button. As I enter and 'unfold' the material the entry slit is just below my bum and entry is very simple. I prefer the idea of being able to transition to standing without needing to 'stand-up'.

On several of the videos I have watched I see many people who hang so low that the hammock is less then 12" when they are in it. This odd position requires a 'knees above ears' attempt to get out of bed in the morning. It looks to me like it would be easier roll-over and stand-up.

I understand the desire to have a short fall of a few inches vs a few feet, but is fear of falling the only reason?