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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
    However, i might go to an under-quilt if i can do it with less weight and bulk, and still stay toasty warm. But...can that be done on the cheep?
    It can... but it will cost you something. Either weight, bulk or both. Find some down comforters in the thrift stores and salvage the down. Make your own quilt cover. Or use some synthietic sleeping bags and convert them to quilts. Everything is a balance between the various aspects of weight, bulk and cost. You can do it cheap if you are will to pay a penalty somewhere else.
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    I am a fan of the HH system and use a standard sleeping bag and therma-rest pad in it once the temps drop. Maybe its me but I have never had any serious issues with getting in and out of the bag or hammock. For me I inflate the bad about as firm as I can get it and lay it inside, place my sleeping bag on top and open it up. come bed time I just back in, set myself down as close to center as possible and rotate up and in, zip the bag up as needed and adjust the firmness of the mattress once I am in and comfortable. I have found that keeping that mattress good and firm until you are in helps it to stay on the hammocks/my best lay position. I will accept that it is not as easy as using a UQ/OQ combo, but it can be done.

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    While not an ultra lite rig by any means, I find myself quite comfortable in my BA Encampment with the left side zipper and insulated Air Core.

    Although not a through camper or extensive back packer as many of you, I frequently use this rig on excursions lasting 3 or 4 days at temperatures into the 30's. I find the rig it self warm down to about 35 (the bag is "rated" to 15). At 35, the cold starts to leak through the back, so I'll throw on the cold weather bottom and pad. I've never used the top cover (and frankly, would prefer not to stay out at that temperature!!)

    I sit, slide back onto the pad and throw the top over. When it gets cold, I zip up. No issues whatsoever.

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    agnes insulated aircore

    My Agnes insulated air-core mummy fits inside my Kelty -15. But also works well under the sleeping bag. It packs very small, compared to a UQ, is 21 oz. and has gotten me down to 30 deg. so far. Will be using it at colder temperatures this winter. The air-core works well in my HH. Of course, it's not as cozy as a UQ. For the weight, packability, and cost, I like it. Am looking forward to seeing how cold it will go.
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    I use my BA insulated aircore short mummy pad (BAIASMP?!?) in either my HH or BB hammocks, and use my sleeping bag as a quilt. No problems, easy to get comfortable, and it's no different than my regular ground setup for when I choose to sleep on the ground.

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    I used a BA Insulated AC with an old Snow Lion bag in my ENO in September. Had a little pad slippage issue from time to time. I was most comfortable with the pad about 1/3 full. I would think it would be easier with the integrated sleeve on the BA bags, even if you had to fully inflate initially to get it in the sleeve, you could always adjust once you were laying down. I personally did not find it difficult to get in/out of my bag in the hammock. In fact a couple times I stepped into my bag, then laid down too. That also works.

    Now if only I can figure out how to build the right double hammock to use our BA King Solomon double bag.....
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