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    I hang out in PDX when I am not Hanging. I am a cold sleeper, when in the lower 48.

    I would have a look at how your suspension is working. Set your hammock up, either get someone in it your sizeish or load the hammock with things to equal your weight and shape, easier yet have a friend take photo's of you in your hammock, from several angles.

    I bet you have some major gaps. I just tested out my DIY UQ, very cold night, the shock cord I used stretched in the night, I had major gaps, letting in the cold air. I was camping on the coast, right on the coast, the wind was brisk, very high humidity. This weekend with the suspension replaced, I was toasty warm. I do use a UQ protector most of the time, because my dog likes to walk under my hammock. Plus now she has graduated to sleeping under the hammock. The UQP will help, however, if you have gaps due to your suspension, you will not have an effective UQ.

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    So, I just made the same mistake of not ordering calendered fabric for my TQ and UQ (filled with down). is there a big problem of loosing down o something else? I ordered 1.1 nylon from RBTR. it´s a shame because I already filled it yesterday and was exited to test it next weekend. any advice?

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