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Thread: Laying flat

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    Laying flat

    Hi all, first timer here.
    I wanted to ask a question about lying flat in a hammock as I have some back pains that don't make it an easier to sleep with. Is there any type of hammock that would be best suited for this? Are there different types of hammocks? I know that may seem like a stupid question but hey, I really don't know much about hanging. I like the idea though. Would a longer hammock with more give do anything? I am quite tall, round 6'5.

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    a bridge hammock will be the flattest, however, there are lots of folks with bad backs that use hammocks for relief, and what you need is proper back support. some like the totally-flat lay of a bridge hammock while others prefer the gentle curve of a long and wide end gathered hammock. most companies have money back garantees, so you could easily order a couple models and then send back the losers. the folks here also have regional group hangs/campouts, these are a great way to try out several models for free and learn some of the tips and tricks to reduce the learning curve a bit.

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    A bridge will give you a flat lay. At your height a DIY long bridge would could do the trick. I think there was one for sale.

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    I also have back pain and have found my Hennessey Hammock has given me the most comfortable nights in years! It certainly feels flat enough, and because there are no pressure points, nothing (hips, knees, bum) don't get sore.

    I've not used any other hammock yet, but you'll find plenty of reviews on this forum, and then it's just a matter of trying them out. Once you do, you'll be trying to figure out just how much firewood you'll get out of your $3000 orthopedic bed, and how to mount hooks in your bedroom walls
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    I spend most of my hammock time in an enos double and find that I have no problem getting flat. I do find that a wider hammock gives a flatter lay. I drive a truck and can definitely vouch for the back pain relief a hammock gives.

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    There is something about the way your whole body can melt into a hammock that is more relaxing than a bed at least for a night or two. I hope you find it so in whatever hammock you decide on. Mule
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    Get a hammock!!!! I can relate with back problems, sleepless nights, etc. Get a hammock.!!! Wider is nicer, and allows for more sprawling room.Get a hammock.!!! Even if its just for napping in on the weekends. Get a hammock.!!! After a few test naps, you'll be figuring out a indoor set up. Get a hammock!!!
    If your planning on camping and hiking, think about mosquito netting. I can't personally speak for the commercially made hammocks, I'm a diy guy. But I can say the hammock provided me with the best sleep I've had in years and I now can't sleep in my torture mattress. Get a hammock!!! Your back will love it.!!!
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    Something under your knees will probably help even more with low back support. You are less likely to need this in a Bridge hammock ( like JRB), but it might still be helpful even with that one. I've never needed, nor yet tried that under knee support in a bridge. ( It is routine for me in all gathered end hammocks- except MAYBE the big HH Safari- not for back issues for me but to prevent left calf pressure). But I'm just suggesting that for you based on the fact that when we do cases in the OR, especially on older patients, and they are only going to be lightly sedated rather than asleep, we put a pillow under their knees. Even though they are on a perfectly flat OR table. It seems to make it much easier for them to lie still and to prevent low back pain.
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    Welcome to the forum Reid!

    I made the switch to hammock camping because of my back. It used to go out on me at least once a year, leaving me helpless for a week...SUCKED! During my testing of hammocks for the purpose of camping, I realized how much things didn't hurt in the mornings. Took my bed apart about a month later and have never looked back.

    I actually prefer a slight bend as opposed to completely flat; it just seems to fit me better. Just about any gathered-end hammock or central/south American non-spreader bar hammock works for me. The big home sleepers don't really need anything under your knees.
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