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Thread: Items for Sale

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    Items for Sale

    I have the following items for sale:

    Six Moon Designs Meteor Bivy. Used 1 time, EC $85.00 with shipping included. SOLD

    I've added a link so you can see what this bivy is, in case any of your friends use a tarp instead of a hammock. They might be interested .

    I tried to post on White Blaze but they seem to have a new rule that you
    can't post items unless you have 30 previous posts.

    Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking,Redbeard
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    i'll take the zip stove if you don't mind shipping to Canada-thx
    p.m me for info

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    I've added a Hennessy hammock to my list

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    The zip stove is sold.
    Thank you,Redbeard

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    The Hennessy hammock is sold.
    Thank you,Redbeard

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    I've added a link to the Six Moon Designs Bivy.

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    The Meteor Bivy has been sold
    Thank you,Redbeard

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    Henry Shires Tarp Tent
    with a tent?
    Helium down bag
    Quote Originally Posted by redbeard View Post
    The Meteor Bivy has been sold
    Thank you,Redbeard
    whew glad you sold it. I was going back and forth on buying it for myself.
    I have been wanting to try using just a tarp and a bivy on trips
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