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    Hitchcraft for hammock tensioning

    Hi, I.. I mean a totally obsessed friend of mine... was searching through hammock videos on Youtube when this video came up

    basically what appears to be a simple to use pulley/tie off system

    I did a bit of leg work and have the link to the hitchcraft site

    I thought it might be of interest to hangers as a possible alternative to the Hennessey whipping or the strap/rings method. I don't use a HH so have no real reason to get these I just thought somebody might find these useful.

    Two sizes available. I'm not sure what diameter rope is used on a HH but I assume its the smaller version so 250 lbf (though hammockers are looking at two points of support halving the forces?!?).

    Mini RopeTie

    weight: 0.9 oz (26 g)
    safe working load: 250 lbf (1.1 kN)
    rope diameter: .125"-.250" / 3mm-6mm
    $11.95 /pr

    Monster RopeTie

    weight: 2.9 oz (82 g)
    safe working load: 500lbf (2.2 kN)
    rope diameter: .250" - .438" / 6mm-11mm

    2 mini + 2 monster $27.95

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