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    Hunter's Body Mat / Therm-a-Seat

    I was at Gander Mountin today ( on speacial assignment) and found another pad,,,$19.99, of course I had to have it. Did I say it was camo.....

    I have tried both styles of the blue Walmart pads, the GI surplus pad, a self-inflating pad, no pad, and doubled up foam pads. I have been wanting to keep my set up simple, but warm and inexpensive. For me, I didn't like any of the above except for the self-inflating pad, until it had a flat this weekend.

    Then I came across this today, made by Therm-a-Seat, a 3/8 " 24" x 72" Hunters body pad. close cell foam. It is that same foam that those stadium seat pads are made from.

    The web site doesn't list this one, it is called the "Predator Body Mat" by Therm-a-Seat.

    So far I am impressed. It is more pliable than the blue pads and conforms much much better.
    I haven't spent the night on it yet, but tonight at 49* after an hour and a half, NO COAT, and only a sleeping bag, I didn't get that cold feeling we all know on the shoulders and butt.......

    How much does it weigh? don't have a clue....My best non-scientific wild a$$ guess is that it comes in under a pound on the bathroom scale,,an rolls up smaller than the GI pad and Won't go flat on me.
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