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    New Guy/ Old Lurker

    Hi all I am Scruffy. I have been a lurker for a while and I finally decided to come n to the light

    I am starting a thru of the AT March 1 2010. I was looking for a light weight hammock to just chill in on nice days. So I made a homemade Speers type but I don't understand why I have extra cloth hanging over me when I when I lie down. There is more than enough to cover me. The material is 1.9 oz walmart ripstop and I just kind-of tied a knot at the end.

    Also, I was playing around with homemade silnylon with great results on my sample pieces. When I can get 8 yards of 60" wide 1.1 oz ripstop I am considering on trying a homemade tarp. I would like to try this tarp on the trail during my thru but I might have to resort to just buying a tarp if I can't find any cheap material.

    Other than a few days I have never been a tarp. Man I didn't know what I was missing. I have sleep the last three night in the house in my homemade hammock and I think my wife is getting a little jelous. I am still a ground dweller and use a tent but I much say I think once it warms a little I am going to change to a hammock during the thru.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the great info I have picked up on the forum. If your intrested I am on trailjournals/Scruffy 2010 AT

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    welcome scruffy!
    "In your face space coyote"-HJS

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    Pick up, or make, and underquilt and you won't even need to wait til it gets warm to start enjoying a good night's sleep!

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