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    Wannabee- BB-like hammock
    8 x 10 sil tarp
    DIY tq, Phoenix UQ
    whoopie slings and

    Exped Downmat // TNF Beeline

    Exped downmat 7 (short) $100 shipped CONUS

    This is the version where the stuff sack doubles as a pump: Just like the one listed here.

    I just got a Ptarmigan and have no need of this any more. I bought this just before switching to hanging. I only used it a couple of times. I found it very warm and comfortable. Its in perfect condition and needs a new home.

    The North Face Beeline $200 shipped CONUS. Long, left-hand zipper.

    Purchased last year and only used a few times. This doesn't work well in a hammock due to its short zipper. Otherwise a nice light bag. I used with the downmat at 30 degrees and was quite warm (and I am a cold sleeper, almost always awakening early. Not with this!)

    I am planning to modify this to a quilt, but though I'd see if anyone could use it before I operate.
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