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    Still excellent customer service

    I see a recent post that Ed Speer has had some "growing pains" in his business. I placed a recent order for silnylon and he shipped it super quick. There was a discrepency in my order and I didn't realize it for 10 days. The discrepency was obivous when comparing my purchase recepit and the packing label. Ed was very responsive in correcting the situation.

    Mistakes happen, it is what is done after the mistake that really counts. I am truly impressed with the way Ed does business and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

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    When I ordered my BROWN, no longer available Speer Winter Tarp (ain't I smart), Ed had just gotten started making the first IIRC (or maybe the only one he had) in coyote brown and he said it would be a couple of days before he could get it in the mail. He must have finished it that night 'cause I got an email the next day it was shipped and had it two days later. That constitutes a "delayed" order from Speer Hammocks.

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