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    New AHE Suspension!

    Well my package finally arrived from Paul, at no fault to him the USPS "LOST" my first package and by the graciousness of Paul he rushed me another package, so once again he shows that customer service and products are the best!!!!
    So on to the new suspension;
    Old - Strapworks straps, AHE Buckles, AHE chainlinks, and Metolius Biners (both sides) equaled a total hammock weight of 33.2oz
    New- AHE straps, the new and improved AHE buckles with chainlink attached, and Der Dutch Clip from the HF Store (both sides) equaled a total hammock weight of 24.6oz
    I will post some pics after this weekend at the MAHHA hang! I gotta say that the gear from Paul is great I also got the Hammock Bag which is a whole lot nicer than what I was using, I am very surprised at the weight savings that was achieved from all this and I can only imagine how much more would be saved/cut if I went to whoopie slings ! Once again thank you very much Paul, and we will see how long it takes the () USPS to find my other package!

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    Glad this one made it safe and sound, and nice savings on the weight. Hope you guys have fun at the hang--I want pictures!
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