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    Idea - UQ Suspension

    I'm trying to figure out what the easiest method of making a spring/summer insultex underquilt. I have a HH Clone based on headchange's method.

    My idea is to take insultex with an outer layer of 1.9 ripstop, and on the inside (facing the hammock) to create a few channels for shock cord. They would be shaped like so:

    And the layers would be:
    (closest to hammock) Channels
    Insultex (1, maybe 2 layers? Need to research this more)
    (Outside layer)1.9 Coated Ripstop (To keep dry from rain spray and possible dew formation, maybe offers a little wind protection too?)

    With the main channel going perpendicular to the sleeping axis. There would be 6 cord locks attached to the sides of the hammock, and shock cord running through each channel so that when pulled with a little tension, it will pull the UQ up against the hammock but leave a little bit of air space in between. I would probably use a KAQ Pattern with a few modifications because I already have a little bit of ripstop cut to this pattern.

    Any thoughts on why this would/wouldn't work?

    Also, I read a little bit on IX. Since I already have 6 yards of it, it's definitely the insulation I'll be using. Seems that compression of the UQ is less of a problem, and sealing air leaks is where you prevent most heat loss - am I right? So sticking with a KAQ style to seal the sides, 1 layer for the whole thing then maybe another layer along where my torso would be for weight/fabric savings would probably be sufficient down to 40-50*F with a 30* synthetic bag opened as a top quilt - if it gets really cold, I can zip up the bag for whatever bottom insulation it would provide and slip an emergency blanket between the hammock and underquilt, and that should cover me until early fall I would think. Just trying to bounce a couple ideas off of those more experienced with this than I am.
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