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    Pics from the White Mountains Hang ...

    Hopefully! LOL! I will figure this out yet!

    First pic is the Soto Micro-Regulator Gas stove (used ISOPRO). Awesome stove! Weighs practically nothing, totally controllable for simmer! I also used the BushBuddy - with a heat/flame deflector plate that was good. Plate got all the black soot, not the Snowpeak mug! I cleaned the plate in the creek using wet sand to remove the soot. Good trick. You can see the Bushbuddy and the deflector plate in the first pic to the right. I was experimenting with both.

    Second is the Marlin Spike Hitch I tried (also worked great) using a found piece of PVC pipe. Will do that again with smaller diameter pieces, and add some pull cords.

    Third is a Grip Clip attached with a 10" bungee for the fleece sleeping blanket I used as an underquilt. I slid a 4 ft piece of CCF between the blanket and the hammock one night, but really didn't need to.

    Fourth is "Beaver Pond" at the top of Kinsman Notch on the Cancamagus Highway in the White Mountain National Forest. Nice hike rewarded with Brook Trout for dinner that night!

    Fifth is the hang site .... small creek right behind it .... soothing for sleeping!

    Last is the whole campsite at Lost River Valley.

    What a fun hang!!
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