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    Crows Nest 3 Season UQ by

    I have never owned an UQ before, so this is going be from a first time users perspective. My previous under insulation was one of those orange folding ground pads.

    I unpacked my UQ and got ready to use it. There isn't a clear head or foot end to this thing so I just hung it on. I attched it using the S-biners that come supplied with it. That worked really well as they clipped right into the triangle cinch-buckles of the WBBB 1.7 dbl that I have. I laid down for a bit to get everything figured out before I really needed it when the temps dip down at night. After a few minutes, I felt a slight cold spot on my lower back region (CBS). I took the UQ off and realized that the down had settled all to one end of it. I gave it a few good fluffs and spread out the down from end to end. I also realized that the shock cord locks for the top and bottom end were both on one side which is handy since I have a left zip on my WBBB. I put the UQ back on using the same method with the S-biners, this time with the cord locks on the zipper side. After that, I had no more CBS. The temps that night dipped down to 68 degrees from a high of 88. I slept soundly the whole night with no more cold spots.

    The quality of the material and craftsmanship are excellent. I can see that I will have this UQ with me for many more of my adventures.

    I would reccomend to anyone that needs an UQ, that they should head over to Adam is very friendly and helpful. He answered all of my questions quickly and completely. I am looking at his other products right now and will be making another purchase very soon.

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    Nice Review! I believe the CrowsNest doesn't have a head or foot... Making it that much easier to set up.

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    nice review, i have the incubator cause i hate cbs, i went thru a learning curve with mine as well and i also plan to slowly outfit the kids with crows nest as budget allows me, so the review was helpful, i can only hope adam has some type of bulk order discount (jk). hope to hike with you and the gf sometime again soon
    i do not remember the question, however i believe beer is the answer

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