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Thread: stronger fabric

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    Stretch would be less with other fabrics... ones with high tech fibres or with Polyester... But those tend to be harder to find, at least without cotton in them, than nylon is.

    Also it should be noted that heavier fabrics will stretch less under a given load. Just like a thicker elastic band will stretch less with a given force, or take more force to get the same stretch.

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    Abrasive resistance is my highest priority for characteristics which led me to Cordura. I plan on making a bridge hammock that converts into a backpack. It sounds silly but the shape of the bridge lends itself well. It has also been done (hammock/backpack) before with other designs. The problem I have is if I get a tiny hole in my backpack no big deal. But if I plan on sleeping in it at night I donít want a perforated hammock. I am careless, clumsy and hike over PA rocks.

    So the 210D nylon sounds interesting. I donít mind if the material is rough because I would probably use a pad since it will be the backrest of my pack. I was thinking I could make it half out of cordura or 210d and half another lighter material yet to be decided. As Brandon pointed out once before the forces on a bridge are side to side and not end to end. This way the outside on the backpack would be the foot of the hammock where texture is less important.

    Another idea is to make a double layer hammock with the bottom layer not being very load bearing. The bottom layer would also be the outside of the pack and it wouldnít be a big deal if I got a small hole in it. The pad then could go between the layers which is preferable to me.

    All the people chiming in on this are exactly the ones I wanted to hear from. So any ideas would be appreciated. It would also be nice if the whole thing weighed about a pound without the pad and was camouflaged.
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