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    Continuous Tarp ridgeline - should I change it

    I've always used a full length tarp ridgeline with my setup, but you guys have got me shedding the ounces lately so now I'm thinking of scrapping it.
    The reason I've not done it before is because most of my hammocking takes place in Scottish pine plantations and having the full ridge gives me a bit of security from falling branches etc.
    I know we should always look up and check for widow makers but even then healthy branches can fall without notice.

    Anyway at the moment I use a 10m 4mm climbing accessory cord with a prussic at each end of my tarp ridge. I've not weighed it yet but I know it's going to be fairly heavy, however it's a rock solid rig and only takes a couple of minutes to setup so I guess I've always stuck with it.
    But looking at a lot of your posts most of you seem to favour just short tie outs from the ridge out to the tree.

    Can you tell what the pros and cons are with both so i can try to make my mind up with what to do

    Piccie of my current rig ...

    That's a 10m 4mm static ridge line with an evenk slippery hitch at one end and a truckers hitch at the other. A prussic at each end tie out.
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