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    Chrysalis Tent Hammock

    I used this on a river trip on the Big South Fork in KY. Very easy to set up. . .just two cinch straps and connect the spreader bars. I used a Walmart excercise mat for insulation and a 45 degree mummy bag. Total cost for mat and hammock. . .$130.00. I was very comfortable. The side vents worked well and there was little to no condensation on the inside. Very stable. . .you can roll right to the side and not fall out. True sleeping on side or back. What I liked best is that you could sit fully up and not touch the top of the rain fly. It had storage in the front and back for gear and hooks on the ridge line to connect gear. Everyone points to the weight of this hammock (5 lbs). That is a concern if you are back packing perhaps, but not canoe/kayak tripping. For the ultralight backpack crowd. . .maybe not. For those of us who want more comfort, room, and ease of set up. . .this is the one.

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    Smile Chrysalis Hammock

    Just bought one. Can't wait to try it out. I wonder if you can get an under quilt for it.

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