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    Very nice! Your BIL is pretty lucky.

    Here's a passing thought on the tree huggers that may be helpful with small diameter posts & trees. You could pass a bight through the end loop and form the marlinspike hitch in that bight pretty easily. Setup would be about the same, but teardown would be very simple and quick -- wouldn't need to thread / unthread the whole unused part of the hugger.

    Awesome job!
    - Frawg

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    Mighty, mighty nice gift to your Bro-in-law..... so is the hammock.
    You did a good job explaining all on the video there.
    He will still have to ask you everything again though...... ... they always do. Perfect reason to go on a trip I think.
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    Parts List - Re: PM request for list

    I put the following together in reply to a PM I received earlier today. Since I had it typed out already I figured it wouldn't hurt to go ahead an post it here too.

    Hammock =
    22' - 1.1oz rip-stop from
    Backwoods Daydreamer Gear
    approx 2' - cheap nylon cord for whipping hammock ends
    approx 9' - 10' - 1.75mm utility line for the hammock adjustable ridge-line from Paul at Arrowhead Equipment (this stuff is Zing-it and I plan on buying it next time from Redden Marine in bulk)

    Suspension =
    28' - 7/64" Amsteel Blue from Arrowhead Equipment
    11' - 1" poly webbing (I got this off ebay but when I make my next set I will buy it from either Paul at Arrowhead or get it from Strapworks

    Marlinspike toggles =
    2 - scrap aluminum or carbon fiber arrow shaft cuttings from local bow & arrow shop FREE

    Gear Organizer =
    approx 8" by 3' left-over section of Hancock Fabric bug net
    <12" - grosgrain ribbon
    <12" - 3/32" shock cord for klemheist attachment to R/L (1000' roll from Amazon less than $25 - I now use shock cord for everything!)

    Bug net =
    8 1/2' - no-see-um netting
    3' by 5' (or 2 9" deep pockets from 18" X 5' of material each) - 1.1oz rip-stop from Backwoods Daydreamer
    the next time I make a bug net I plan on sewing in at a slight angle rather than straight down I will bring the angle from 8' at the top to 5' at the bottom where the pockets are attached

    A little about the bug net - The net is sewn almost completely to the top on the FOOT end. it has a very small opening at the top that is reinforced with grosgrain ribbon. the opening is barely big enough for the whoopie sling to fit thru. The head end has a bigger opening at the top and has a draw-string for locking it down around the suspension. When you don't need or want the bug net over the hammock you can unthread the suspension and stuff the net into the black-bishop style stuff sack at the foot end of the hammock.

    stuff sack =
    i think this is 7" by 18" after seam allowance
    same material as the bug net pockets. estimate and add a little. I like the way mine is longer than wide so I can twist and fold it over itself. The next time I do the SS I will make it out of sil-nylon.
    I had a LOT of fun with this project and learned a lot in the process. Thanks to all the very knowledgeable posters on the forum who made this possible.
    You know who you are
    and then

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