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    SOLD:Fabric on Ebay

    I gave my daughter all my extra fabric I have been collecting and she is selling it on Ebay for a school trip. She has already sold some of it but I saw another thread talking about material for a tarp so I thought I would put the link here.

    The waterproof fabric would make a good tarp. It is 1.9 oz square yard total so it is not too heavy for a camping tarp. It is a really dark olive drab. Inside it looks more brown, In the sunlight it looks dark olive.

    The olive drab nylon is 2.9oz square yard and would be great material for someone needing a slightly more durable hammock than the standard 1.9. It is similar to the netless HH explorer I have. I like the olive drab color shade this material has. Great if you like those stealthy military colors.
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