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    Sleep out report in 27o

    Hello Hang Ups,
    Still all warm and fuzzy after a night in my dyi hammock and tarp and underquilt. I am making a hammock/cat cut tarp (ala Black Bishops plans!) for my two backpacking buddies to excite their camping experience and plan on presenting them for Christmas. Also, I am gonna include bug net and line tensioners. I love those line tensioners.
    So, I am doing some testing. Slept last night in thin balaclava, REI mid zip shirt, REI mid long underwear and merino wool sock whick I never want to take off! Put in my dyi SPE with just a thin pad from Gossamer Gear and thin foam in the wings by my shoulders, my JRB down sleeves in the middle pockets and extra shirts in bottom pockets. Really, I am attatched to the SPE...great idea. Used my Western Mountaineering 20o bag as a quilt. I was skeptical of the whole quilt idea but it works very well and is easy in the hammock but of course I am preaching to the choir here. Had attached my dyi underquilt, really a lot of down as I made it for the purpose of Minnesota winter camping. I woke to "mist the lawn" at 3:30am and was a bit sweaty so I crawled back in and and just tucked-in a bit looser and next I woke I was only a bit damp in the derriere. Very snug and warm. Really. Had the dyi cat cut tarp down tight. No wind last night.
    In conclusion, I just want to report that I was very warm and extremely comfortable... no sore spots and I do love sitting right up in the morn. My wife sent my visiting sister to come and awaken me at 9:15am!!! I never sleep that late but that was how well I slept. They make sport of me and call me "camp-nerd".
    This is a wonderful forum and I have learned lots here. Thanks all.
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