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    Toggle failure

    We went for a short hike around Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, GA, had lunch and hung the hammock for a short rest.

    The hammock is a ENO double with whoopie slings, tree straps, and carbon fiber arrow shaft pieces as toggles. I hung the hammock between two tree wider than I normally hang, but within the overall length. For some reason, I put a overhand knot in the webbing over the whoopie sling. Thank goodness.

    I gently reclined and then laid back. I was there probably 3-5 minutes when, POP and the hammock dropped a bit. I thought maybe the webbing slide. When I checked it, the arrow shaft toggle was missing. It had busted and was completely missing. I only found one half. The picture is blurry, but included. I have hung from these toggles a few nights before and did not have a problem.

    I think that I put too much force on the toggles by decreasing the angle in order to cross the span.

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