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    I would not be using a direct rope ring buckle, I would tie the rope with a larks head, pass it through a biner, and pass it through the ring again, and tie it off to itself. so what is better for me?

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    the uncovered would work just fine for that, just as long as you tie it off. i bet a single half hitch on a bight might even be enough, and just pull on the free end to pop the knot.

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    that way requires more line though, it gives you mechanical advantage to crank down with, which you don't want to do, having it go back and forth a couple times between the ring and biner will reduce the force on the end you need to tie off, thats why a simple half hitch or two would probably work, if you wanted to carry half as much line, you could just not run the line back and forth and use a more reliable knot than a simple half hitch, and you would only have the one strand of line between the hammock and the webbing.

    if tying directly to the webbing, a suitable knot is the double sheetbend, possibly the single sheetbend depending on the stiffness of the webbing.

    if tying a single strand to a ring, consider the mooring hitch.

    if tying single strand to a biner, somebody mentioned a clove hitch finished with a bight working well i think. otherwise the mooring hitch could be used here too.

    but if you are set on running a block and tackle type rigging, a half hitch or two would be fine
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