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Thread: New Tarp?

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    New Tarp?

    I have been deciding on a tarp for my son's first hammock that I am putting together so that we can both sleep underneath. I sent an e-mail to Brian and this is the message I received.

    Hey Mark,

    As of now, I am making some gradual weight reducing improvements,
    some of which I am integrating into my current batch of tarps. Things
    like lighter tieout reinforcement patches, more efficient edging
    techniques and such. Nothing revolutionary, just evolutionary. Don't let
    it stop your ordering, you won't be missing out on anything big. I will,
    however, be releasing a *revolutionary* new model of MacCat in, oh, a
    week and a half, so stay tuned for that. More details (and a complete
    website overhaul) to come.

    Best Regards,
    Brian MacMillin

    ***Go ahead and work that extra shift because you know you are powerless!

    I think I will wait for the "revolution". BTW I think that would be a great name: The MacCat Revolution
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