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splkbuk - That camo bag sure is down low. I've been watching for some "motor guard" bags myself, for those days when you may want to take a little more! My pic is not my most recent. I have rear racks with Wolfman soft bags. Haven't been on a trip big enough to fill them up yet!
I am a member on several motorcyle forums, but thought i would start a thread here among bike hangers.

Its a beautiful morning here in Nova Scotia, sunny, no wind and about 5F. Yet here i sit drinking coffee. Its my week off, think i will start with a hike this afternoon and maybe put out a few geocaches. Tnx for the replies all.
The camo bags are molle (I think) sustainment pouches from Sportsman's Guide(in my case). Just right size and attach stable and secure with a little ingenuity (read there is nothing paracord can't fix)...3 days worth of food and more in one easy. Usually carry chain lube, tools and miscellaneous in the other. Can overload them if not careful and the bike will handle a little funny. But I use them for exactly what you said...extras. I don't always pack like that but when going to a close home base camp and riding loops, I end up taking way more than I really need.

How do you like the Wolfman bags? I'm considering them for my next bike.