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    Packing with Snakeskins?

    Hello forum,

    Today, I got my HH in the mail. I have the "expedition" model. I quickly set it up and took it back down. I wrapped everything up in my snakeskins and i found that is was really awkward to pack away. When i first recieved it, the hammock was nicely rolled up, as was the rain fly (they were seperate). Now with the rain fly in the snakeskins as well, i couldnt seem to get a good way of packing it up. I ended up folding it in half until it was a reasonable size and then i wrapped the webbing around it. It was still pretty bulky in the bag it came with.

    So forum, how do you pack away your HH? Do you even use the snakeskins at all? I have seen people use the snakeskins JUST for the rain fly, and others JUST for the hammock itself. Thanks in advance for all of the replies.
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