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    My weekend sock was both a success and a failure!

    The breathable strip helped a lot with that 'fresh-air' feeling/desire. I put button holes where the Warbonnet tie-outs need to be, which kept the sock off of the hammock and gives me that extra air space. Very happy with my new design, but ended up starting from scratch.

    I reversed EVERY SINGLE SEAM (wrong side out) and 'painted myself into a corner' when I sewed the wrong end shut. Ooops! But, since it was just a proof of concept design, my feelings weren't hurt too badly. I ended up just stuffing the hammock into the zippered mouth of the sock and feeding the ends thru the small opening at the end.

    Learned that lesson, learned to pay more attention to my seams, where to best place the button holes (couple of extra holes in the sock as I learned), and learned to send the 3 year old to see a movie with her Mom next time I'm sewing.

    A few final tweaks and I'll be ready to make a nice final lightweight version. All in all, a good weekend of learning and only minimal blood loss.
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