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    I just posted this in the roundtable off topic area because I thought everyone should see it, its a big deal to get coverage in that paper as it has many readers. I thought i should post it here too in case anyone attended that cant accsee the off topic area.

    My brother who lives near Harrisburg PA sent me this article from the Sunday edition of the Patriot news. Its a nice write up about the Spring MAHHA at Pine Grove Furnace State Park April 29-May 1. I have been trying to recruit my brother into the hammock fold and I wanted to take him to this but a overload at work prevented this. I scanned the article for you all to read, if you see notes he put in it, ignore them, he is trying to make a case why he cant use a hammock after lying in mine for about 1 min. Iam not sure if Hammock forums has made a major paper before but the Harrisburg Patriot covers most of the central part of the state of PA as well as state wide sports and outdoors events. Many people not familiar with hanging saw this.
    I had to scan it as a jpeg to make it fit so click to enlarge it to read after you open it.
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    Thanks for posting the article. I had a great time and it's fun to read about the event from some one else's perspective.

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