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    Go with the 201-2 over the 247 c. The 201-2 is all metal and will handle any of the sewing tasks needed for outdoor gear.

    I've attached a couple pictures showing the base of a 1936 201-2 that I'm restoring. You can see the holes where the pins from the cabinet enter and the small screws that need to be loosened to remove it. You can also see how high it sits above a table. It will operate perfectly without a cabinet or box but as Ramblinrev points out the parts are more exposed to dust, dog hair, etc.

    Here's a link to the Service-Adjuster's Manual:
    You might have to join the vintagesingers yahoo group to access it.
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    or turn the cabinet into a side/end table when you are not actually sewing. there is usually some storage space available under the cabinet,(footwell) unless you keep a chair there permanently, in which case it might make a good study/office desk.
    just trying to help! KM (who has several sewing machines, in various configurations, 2 in cabinets- which mostly hold stuff up off the floor..sad as I am to admit it)

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