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    what hammock have you been using before you tried the Night Owl?

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    I just wanted to take a moment and continue the accolades that have been bestowed on wilderness logic and specifically Marty, and his care, not only in producing excellent products, but he is exemplar in customer service. I had bought a night owl, had a lot on my alleged mind concerning a long suffering young patient. And as i'm prone to do to get my mind right i've found reading and looking through HF's gives relief, well I saw where someone talking about WL night owl and of course I jumped over to ck it out (translated, that means buy) well i did, BUT because of wondering mind i failed to read that the toggle lines were optional. When it arrived I went through it stem to stern and was happy i didn't have to change another hammock to WS, it had them, but, DUH, couldn't find the toggles, either end. Well I reread the info on his site and discovered my ignorance, sent an email asking if and how much it'd take to sort out, but had decided regardless I'd keep and use as a loaner or try to see if it'd work. Marty replied and was sorry for the mix up, but told me cost and work to redo, plus shipping etc, I replied a thanks. but would keep as is and hope for best. Well, next day Im en route somewhere phone call comes in and its Marty, he has to explain who he is and wants to make it right bc he tells me with my size i'll love the toggles and we talk for twenty +min and makes me a deal so nice there was no question, I mean the man called a complete stranger and fixed something that was my fault, made me so happy i bought an old man winter in addition to the redo, that my friends is care of your customers and lifted my spirits, He truly is one of those people that makes your life better knowing him, it wasn't about the $, it was about caring, Thanks again Marty, you make paying the bill when it comes in worth it, jim

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