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    Minor mods to my Exp Ultralite

    Ooops, placed in the wrong category.....should be in the HH folder, can't seem to delete my own post....sorry.
    Just have to double up, here & there.

    Through necessity really....
    Problem 1. After 10 hangs the std suspension outer casing gave way, gently delivering me on my didn't like the pressure point that the rap ring setup applies.
    Problem 2. Knowing which way the velco entrance is with the snakeskins on.

    Both issues fixed simply by upgrading to the smallest climbing grade rope I could find, with a hard wearing outer casing in two different colours. Coloured for the entrance & black for the head end. Over 10 hangs on this mod sign of wear whatsoever, heavier than std though, which is a compromise I can live with.

    Hope that helps someone in the future.

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