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Thread: Rain Test

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    Sorry...sorry..sorry...for the lateness of my update

    I hadn't had the opportunity to post one yet.

    Well I did put the rain fly up way to such there was quite a bit of sag in the tarp (and a good amount of water too). Amazingly though not a drop ventured into the Hammock...eveything stayed bone dry, most importantly so did I.

    Sleeping bag as a quilt is definately the way to go. I stayed warm and dry. I've realised one thing though...I need to bring a watch with me...I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have no idea what time it is...

    So far its past the test for wet and cold weather. Thanks for the tips guys and gals..I will search for "the optimum way to setup the fly" in order to eliminate sag in the tarp.
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