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    Another quilt idea..........

    I've been constantly kicking around how to easily make my own quilt. Like most, if not all, of us here I'm financially ...well, broke! I've also never sewed before. So here's an idea that keeps coming back..let me know what you think.

    Take sheets of ripstop nylon, Climashield, and no-see-um netting and basically create a sandwich of the Climashield. Sew around the edges and to stop the insulation from moving around sew all three layers together every 10"...basically pinching the layers together.(I think that's what it's called)

    Next, create a bottom sandwich just like the top. The only difference would be pinching/sewing offset from where I sewed thru(pinched) on the top sandwich. This would prevent lining up the pinches of the top and bottom sandwiches. Then, I would sew the top and bottom sandwiches together along the edges. That's the basic rectangular design but I would hope to add a footbox and some Omni tape. Anyone ever tried doing a quilt like this? Suggestions, complaints, etc., are welcome.
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