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    DIY Hammock: Gargoyle Inspired Test Hang

    I was in the mood to make some DIY gear. I have made plenty of stuff sacks and misc other projects. I wanted to try my hand at making a hammock, the problem was that I didn't have near enough material to make a decent sized hammock, not even enough to make a toddler sized hammock for my daughter. So, after some thinking, and playing around, I came across Gargoyle's foot rest hammock and that gave me the idea to copy it and make my own as a test of my hammock making skills. It should be about the right size for a footrest, and to the enjoyment of my daughter and wife, it was the perfect size for my daughter’s doll!





    Let me know what you guys think. And a shout out to say thanks to Gargoyle for the idea and inspiration.
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