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    Gathering at MacEntyre's House Jan 7, 2012

    Smiling Face and I are hosting another gathering of hangers and hikers on Saturday, January 7, 2012. Arrive anytime after 4pm, everyone welcome to stay until 11pm, or hang your hammock overnight if you prefer. We'll grill on the deck, burn a Swedish candle, light up little wood stoves, and hang hammocks in the backyard.

    There will be lots of folks sharing experiences and discussing ideas. If you are new to hanging or to hiking in North Carolina, it will be a great opportunity to meet people and ask questions. There will be folks who know a lot about NC destinations, hiking, hanging, kayaking and more.

    Thing1 and I will make a few Mors Kochanski seats with space blanket reflector backs, arranged around an OldGringo washing machine stove, underneath a FourDog parachute canopy. It will be pleasant in any kind of weather!

    Here's the thread about the first gathering, held last year.

    Who's able to make it?

    - MacEntyre


    Bring your kids!
    Bring your gear!
    Tenters welcome!
    Gorge Rats welcome!
    Bring food if you like!
    There's lots of trees in the backyard!

    No alcohol
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