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    Whoopie sling tangle

    So I made a set of slings for a friend...well actually a whole hammock setup...anyway....he set up the hammock on his porch for about 4 months. He recently took it down and the whoopie slings were kinda tangled. The bury part was tangled. It took a couple of minutes to finagle the bury to work properly. Tangled may not be the best description....the outside part of the bury was twisted and the inside part could not move back and forth easily. After untangling the outside part, it is still not perfect, but works better

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I haven't had that yet, but I would guess that if hung on the front porch for four months, that the hammock got rotated a lot, twisting the line. Since my hammock is never hung outside for long periods of time, the wind doesn't get a chance to twist the hammock enough to cause this. Taking it down probably removes any twist in the line.


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