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    I believe it. That's another reason why I'll be getting another one in the future. Summertime!

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    I got the hook up recently from them as well. I won't state the details but it was pretty cool what they did. I'm hooked.

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    I ordered a 0* Burrow and Incubator right after the Black Friday sale... Yeah, I still kicking myself for missing that. I did get in on the free shipping.

    This weekend is the Kansas hang. So I pinged Adam and Jenny right after the 1st of the year to get an idea if there was a snowball's chance that I might get the quilts in time. Jenny advised me that the quilts would be shipped on Friday priority mail. They were waiting for me when I got home tonight and they are amazingly beautiful.

    They really came through for me! Thank you Adam and Jenny!
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    So, some problems today that I'd been having. Maybe someone out there will get some help from this post. I've been trying to figure out which end was the head & which was the tail (I have a couple of new Incubator 0*s). I had tried to hold the two ends up to each other; however, I found that the width of the two ends was virtually identical. I had two different colors of S biners, too.

    I called HammockGear today to ask how to sort out the ends. I told them to just leave me an email with their directions/response.

    However, Adam called me back within 10 minutes. He said that he felt that he'd be better able to expain/help via phone.

    Adam said that you actually have to lay the UQ flat out on the ground (not holding the ends up together like I was doing) to figure it out. He said that they had specified that the HG logo patch should go on the left shoulder; however, they weren't sure that the ones going out around Thanksgiving had all been done this way. He said that the biners weren't put on the head end or tail for sure - they may get switched, so you can't tell that way either.

    He said that the new design is tapered along the length, as well as in a 3 dimensional way. He said that when layed out on the floor, you'll see the head end quickly widen into the shoulders and then gradually taper to the foot end. I asked him if this was similar to a pine coffin lid. He confirmed that this was the shape I was looking for. He explained that there was also a taper in the way the UQ hung. He said that there was a more deeply "rounded" dip (relative to the head of the hammock at the ridgeline) where the torso lies. He said that it goes up quickly and then gradually tapers along the legs towards the ridgeline at the foot. I had not realized that they had put so much 3D engineering into the shape of the UQ.

    I was also having a problem with a dip in the UQ between my shoulders, causing a 2" gap & cold air. I mentioned it and that I had gotten a couple of bungees from the 2Jacks to hold up the middle on the new loops along the sides. He said that I should actually try tightening the bungee about 3" or 4" up from the first tie off location, to make it hang tighter to the bottom. He also suggested making sure that the end bungees were not too tight, creating a "U" shaped gap at the ends. The third suggestion, which I had not heard of before: there is a grossgrain loop on either end of the UQ between the two corners (which I had seen, but not thought of). He said that if you attach this loop up at the gathered ends, it will cause the middle of the UQ to pull up & more closely follow the centerline of the bottom of the hammock - thus making it tighter all along the center of the hammock from one end to the other.

    All of that from an unexpected phone call. Again, what great service!

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