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    WTT for Bark River Gunny, Emberlit Ti

    Have the following items I would like to turn into a Bark River Gunny ( or equivalent like a Fallkniven F1.) and an Emberlit Ti. If any combination of what I have might get you to turn loose, please let me know. [Anything that doesn't go in a trade here will probably end up in the 'for sale' section.]

    Snow Peak 900 pot w/ lid
    Minibull M-3 w/ Heet bottle cap
    Smokeeater Mini Heat
    Gerber Suspension Multi-tool
    Hackman-Finland utility knife
    Minibull Foster pot
    Inova T-5 flashlight
    Trangia cook kit
    trangia clone
    candle lantern

    I don't imagine that there are people who amass knives the way I seem to amass stoves but here's hoping.
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    cinch buckle/strap
    how much for the M-3?

    and are there 2 pictured?

    dibs on one


    I get it now.

    Might be your best bet would be to sell in parts mode.
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    I was going to sell at first but that's going to take a bunch of transactions etc. It'll come to that but I'd thought I'd give this a shot for a few days. on the chance that a knife fancier just got bit by the stove bug or whatever that malady is with which we've all been stricken.

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    Items moved to "For Sale".

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