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    1st diy no-sew duct tape hammock

    Just finished my first diy project. Despite not generally having the patience to be a diy guy, some $2/m polyester convinced me to give it a try.

    The project was a double layered asym hammock without the use of sewing. I went double layer because the fabric seemed thin enough to cause concern but after laying in it for a while it probably was unneeded.

    Fabric was 4m by 60". I used clear duct tape to tape up the cut ends then folded a triangle on the ends to get some asym action (probably next time will just cut it that way). I taped the two layers together on one whole side and left gaps about 2 ft between tape on the other side in case I want to add a pad.

    Looks like a mess but it's big and comfy and it was a learning experience. Don't think I'm about to purchase a thread injector yet though.
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