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    FS: Hennessy U/L Backpacker

    After getting my new leighlo FLUQ and doing a few more tests with the Hennessy and after tring out a friends Blackbird. I have descided to upgrade to a WBBB. I loved my hennessy hammock but after tring the WBBB i was a better fit for me. and my new leighlo quilt is easier to fit to a WBBB.

    So I have my Hennessy U/L Backpacker up forsale. I do not have the stock tarp anymore i sold that a while ago.

    The hammock has AHE whoopies on it and has been 2QZQ modded (mod #2). hammock still has the bottom entrance operational. I have set the hammock up several times and used it on a few trips. but condition is excellent. no holes or tears anywhere. I am also including two IX inserts made by MacEntyre patterned after the hennessy underpad.

    asking 125.00 Canadian shipped.

    I would love to keep both but i need to sell one to get the other.
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