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Thread: Sleeping Pad

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    Sleeping Pad

    I have a Exped synmat 9 (width 26 in length 77 inch 3in height). Can it be used in a Hennessy Hammock comfortably or are sleeping pads a bad idea with hammocks?

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    Last night I used my Exped Downmat 9 LW (26" wide) in my HH and it worked great. It dropped down to 36 degrees, and I was almost too warm at times and had to open up my sleeping bag.

    I used a 20 degree down bag and wore a light primaloft sweater, with fleece pants and a hat.

    It helps to only partially inflate the mat, and I had no problems with the mat shifting too much.

    I guess the only downside is that they are a bit heavy, however, they are comfortable and warm.

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    Goody5534, you should put this post in the general "Bottom Insulation" section. "HammockGear" is actually a Brand Name for a cottage gear vendor (that makes outstanding stuff!)

    As far as your post, the Exped will work fine, but let out about 1/3 of the air or it will not conform to the hammock. Better if you have a double bottom layered hammock, because you can put the pad between the layers and it won't move out from under you when you shift at night.


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