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Thread: New Suspension!

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    New Suspension!

    I finally ordered 5 yards of 1.5 rip stop along with a couple of yards of 1.1 for some projects from DIY gear supply. I have been using/learning every weekend since mid January in my Grand Trunk UL. I had pretty much come to the conclusion at 6'0'' and 206 lb. I was at it's upper limits. I just can't get flat enough and the floppy edges are driving me nuts but my 8 year old grandson can't wait to go hiking and try it. Although I have learned a lot; some 32 nights, 30 mph winds and last night 1" of rain and 20 mph winds. I plan on sewing a snipe model on Knottys design with the 2 shock cords on opposte ends opposite sides. I decided while watching March Madness today to make some new 7 1/2' whoopies and shackles for the new hammock. Yellow for the head end and the gray for the foot end
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