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    I'm gathering together bits for a dual hanging and Ground dwelling (grovelling?) soloution.
    I've found some of the tarp camping resouces usefull in my planning how to set up a tarp etc, I've lost the links to these but a bit of googling should help. A work around using poles is to use sticks you find on your hike.

    I think I might be a bit of an oddity here since I'm not actually a hiker. I'm a juggler and work/pleasure means I spend up to 9 days three times a year camping at festivals and I'm fair sick of sleeping on the ground. At one of these I can definately hang but the other two locations vary each year.

    I'm planning to canabilise* one of my old (cheap) one man tents to get a lightweight groundcloth. I hope that I might be able to rig this so I can use it as an undershield when I am hanging.

    The rest of the tent is hopefully going towards some (maybe removable) skirts for my tarp, Idealy I'm hoping for something tentlike so that I can Leave my gear a little bit more secure and also have it apear that I'm just tying my tent up between two trees rather that actually hanging from them

    *no wal-mart $1 fabric bins in England
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