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    Okay, so what's my shopping list?

    I'm switching from ground-dwelling to hanging. I've been a trailside ground-dweller since 1970, but the old bones are getting complainy.

    The changeover requires new gear, a lot of which is unfamiliar to me. I would like some help coming up with a shopping list.

    Here's what I got so far:
    • Hammock: JrB BMBH (I'm a side-sleeper and this is the hammock I plan to buy),
    • Upper Quilt: I have a brand new Nunatak upper and a down balaclava,
    • Tarp (will make my own or get a JrB),
    • Under quilt -- not this season, too spendy. I have a Neoair large which I'll use this time, will save my pennies for a proper quilt next season.
    • Cordage and knot-tying ability.

    So what else does a fellow need to have a complete hammock outfit? I hear tell of things like "tarp skins" and "whoopie slings" and other mysterious items. Help me complete my shopping list.

    Edit: BTW, I'm not looking for brands/models recommendations, just a lit of the bits and pieces needed to get this thing up in the air and me snug under it.
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